| Artistic approach
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Artistic approach

As Zola once wrote “An artist is nothing without talent but the talent does not come without a lot of work.”

     My inspiration comes from the works of Grand Masters such as John Singer Sargent, Turner, Sorolla, Degas, and also from contemporary Masters such as Andrew Wyeth, Suzor Côté and Hopper.

     I draw my inspiration from the things that surround me such as nature, architecture and the changing light. When working on my compositions, I always have in mind the light patterns more than the subject itself. I am looking to capture the effects created by the light and its shadows. I give special attention to contrast and movement, to represent the atmosphere of the moment and ultimately to create an emotion.

     I choose subjects that are sober and intimate to create a different story for every spectator.

“Of all your paintings, what is your favorite? ” The next one.   Picasso

“Everyone discusses my art and pretends to understand, as if it were necessary to understand, when it is simply necessary to love. ” Monet

Vieux saules pleureurs / Old willows - 20 X 16
Charmante maison de ville / Charming town house - 16 X 12
Pot de fleurs / Flowers - 10 X 8Vieux saules en fin de journée / Old willow in late afternoon - 20 X 16
L'hiver / Winter - 12 X 9
Vieux saules en fin de journée / Old willow in late afternoon - 20 X 16
Le moulin sur la pointe de l’Ile / The mill on the tip of the island - 16 X 8